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You have five minutes to describe the optimal diet after a patient asks what they should be eating. You describe a diet composed as much as possible of whole, plant-based foods, and then you have to run out of the room. The patient just heard about a life-changing prescription but has no idea what to do with that information and may still be a little disbelieving. Every single meal for decades has never fit the prescription. What do they do next?

We will be offering free patient handouts to ease this situation. There is no way to do comprehensive dietary counseling in a short visit. Sometimes the best we can hope to do is spark an interest and then hope the patient carries the thought home, after the encounter is long done, and does some more work on his or her own. Not only can patient material be a source of references, but it can also be a guide by which nutrition counseling is done. Look back to this section frequently for patient materials we develop to help practicing clinicians efficiently and effectively deliver nutrition information.

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Waiting Room Materials

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Plant-Based Starter Kit

Plant-Based Starter Kit