Profile James L. Marcum, MD, FACC

Dr. James Marcum

Please describe your professional training. How did you develop your interest in integrating nutrition and lifestyle approaches into your professional work?

I received my medical degree at the University of Texas, internal medicine training at Medical Center of Delaware, and fellowship in cardiovascular disease at the University of Kentucky.

As I reviewed the physiology and applied nutritional prescriptions, I saw tremendous and life-changing results.

What is your current position or practice?

I am board certified in cardiovascular disease and see patients every day at the Chattanooga Heart Institute.

If not mentioned above, how do you integrate nutrition and lifestyle teaching into your clinical work?

My interest in integrative nutrition and lifestyle approaches has developed as I have learned and applied these techniques to my patients and seen dramatic results. I have been named as one of the top physicians by USA Today have published books and have a radio/television platform promoting a new approach to health.

I practice in a private practice group of 24 cardiologists with the Chattanooga Heart Institute. I have developed a program Project Change: Inside/Out which introduces nutritional therapy one step at a time.

How did you change your own diet and lifestyle, and over what time period?

I am plant based and have gradually improved my nutrition as well as cognitive abilities based on learning about a plant based approach from Dr. Campbell and others who I have had on my television program. This has taken place over the last five years or so.

What were the greatest challenges in creating your current position and what were the most helpful resources you used to overcome these challenges?

My greatest challenges include getting this new paradigm to the mainstream population including my own partners as well as meeting patients where they are at and moving them one step at a time all the while loving them and not judging them as we improve chemistry.

The video Forks over Knives, the research and books by others in the field and the many websites promoting healthy nutrition.

Without needing to give specific financials, would you characterize your current compensation from this work as providing the financial equivalent of a ‘side job’, full time job, or several full time jobs?

I receive no financial benefits from my work in this area. All proceeds from books go into the television, radio and social media support of Heartwise Ministries, a 501c3.

What advice would you give to other clinical professionals hoping to integrate nutrition or lifestyle into their career?

My advice to others would be to look at the evidence with an open mind. Move from A to B and look at the evidence in your life as well as those you serve.
I have developed entire programs to help clinicians and patients move toward health which includes a plant based diet. These seminars and programs are available at my website and are designed for specific needs.

Can individuals reading this practice profile contact you for more information? If so, what is the best way for them to do that?

Go to my website There is a place for questions there.

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