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Protecting Content and Copyright

As a participant in T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) courses, students are provided PDFs of course content. We provide these for the convenience of the students and to enhance the learning experience. Our course materials are the intellectual property of CNS and are copyrighted. As with any copyrighted materials, CNS course handouts should not be reproduced or used in any way outside of accepted citation standards for scholarly work.

Is it okay to use course material for a class or presentation I am developing?

You may cite portions of course materials using proper citations following standard academic protocol. However, the course material is not to be directly presented to other audiences for pay or otherwise.Your creation of original course materials, expressed in your words, from your viewpoint, avoids the inadvertent appropriation of CNS copyrighted intellectual property as your own.

May I reproduce a chart?

Permission is required to copy any images (such as charts and graphs) from CNS course materials.

If you have any questions or to be granted permission, please contact us at: