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6 Plant-Based Foods to Supercharge Your Sex Life

Can eating specific foods get that mojo going? There is a very close relationship between love, sex, and food. The human need for food and sex are basic, part of the foundation of our nature, which makes it sensible that they are so closely knit together. Libido naturally lags when the body isn’t getting all the nutrition it needs, and it must focus on self-preservation over reproduction. Deficiencies in nutrients can create depression, fatigue, and low energy levels that get in the way of passion and love. Fortunately, nature has given us plenty of foods that can help boost our libido, energy, and passion.

1. Spinach
Eating spinach can help put you in the mood by increasing blood flow below the belt. Popeye’s favorite vegetable is jam-packed with magnesium, a mineral that decreases inflammation in blood vessels and increases blood flow. Increased blood flow drives blood to the extremities. Women will find it is easier to have an orgasm, and men will find that erections come more naturally. Spinach is also a great source of folate. This nutrient helps to lower blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that is linked with artery damage. Other leafy greens that contain folate are kale, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, and bok choy.

2. Garlic
Really? Yes, really. These odiferous cloves may not seem like the best thing to eat for love making, but the allicin in garlic, leeks, onions, and shallots increases blood flow and keeps the heart healthy for sexual activities. Sexual function can be significantly affected by coronary artery disease since the arteries that supply our pelvis can be impacted.[1] I would suggest consuming garlic well before things get intimate.

3. Watermelon
A cold slice of watermelon has long been a summer staple. But according to recent studies, the juicy fruit may be better suited for Valentine’s Day. That’s because scientists say watermelon has ingredients that deliver Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels and may even increase libido.[2] Beneficial ingredients in watermelon include lycopene, beta carotene, and citrulline. When watermelon is consumed, citrulline is converted to arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that works wonders on the heart and circulatory system, improving blood flow above and below the belt.

4. Blueberries
All berries are extremely good for you, as they are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. But blueberries are among the most antioxidant dense foods on the planet. They are full of anthocyanins—a type of flavonoid with powerful antioxidant effects. According to a joint study from the University of East Anglia and Harvard University, eating flavonoid-rich foods is associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.[3]

5. Sweet Potatoes
These starchy roots get their rich orange color from beta carotene, which feeds your body infertility-fighting vitamin A. Sweet Potatoes are packed with energy boosting iron and vitamin C, which produces anti-aging collagen. If that wasn’t enough, they are a fantastic source of potassium. This nutrient counteracts salt’s bloating effects and boosts circulation, which can help you look better in bed and boost your bedroom pleasure. Potassium is also known to help fight high blood pressure—a condition associated with a higher risk of ED. I recommend sprinkling your sweet potato with cinnamon, one of the sexiest spices known to get your blood pumping.

6. Dark Chocolate
People have relied on this plant food for generations to ease them through breakups and heartache for good reason. Dark chocolate increases both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, making us happy and lowering our stress level. Another compound present in chocolate, theobromine, is also believed to have a mood-elevating effect. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa flavanols, which have antioxidant properties and support healthy blood flow. One study found that small amounts of dark chocolate lowered blood pressure and improved formation of nitric oxide in study participants.[4] Nitric oxide is another circulation booster. Again, it’s all about the blood flow below the belt!

Every time you choose a meal, you can bolster your health—and that includes your sexual health. There is a plethora of sexy, healthy, libido boosting nutrients packed into whole, plant-based foods. A diet centered around fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes can help turn your body into the best possible version of itself, from the way you feel to the way you perform both in and out the bedroom. Now who doesn’t want that?


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