How Does Animal Protein Affect Bone Mass?

The effect of animal protein on loss of bone calcium and its consequences for osteoporosis has been extensively shown for more than 2 decades.

How Does Animal Protein Stress the Kidneys?

Answer to a Reader's Question: Animal protein-based foods show a strong relationship to the formation of kidney stones. Here is a quote from the leading research investigator in the world on this topic:

China Report: A Disease Profile

In China, we came to discover the differences between diseases of nutritional extravagance and poverty when we decided to find out why various diseases were clustered in the ways that they were in various parts of the country.

China Report: Osteoporosis

Do we need more calcium in order to avoid osteoporosis, the progressive thinning of bones in the elderly? In the West we are certainly told so. The dairy industry vigorously promotes the suggestion that without its products we face an unpleasant and probably shrunken future.