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Is Fish Part of a Healthy Diet?

Many healthy diets around the world contain fish, but are they the reason why the diets are healthy? Are there any adverse health effects of eating fish that you should worry about?

How Important is Vitamin D? Facts You Need to Know

Vitamin D is important for bone health and various body functions as well as for treatments of certain diseases. Regardless of plant-based diets, deficiencies are an issue for anyone lacking sun exposure.

Plant-Based Tips for Cooking Without Oil

Trying to figure out how to cook oil-free? Cooking instructor Terri Edwards shares her tips and advice for how to sauté, bake, roast, and fry without oil.

Defining Food Groups in Plant-Based Nutrition

More people are choosing to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. But what are you supposed to eat? To help make things easier, we have defined the three food groups.