Emily Dreeling

Emily is a recent Boston University graduate, whole-food plant-based enthusiast, and aspiring health communication specialist. Having completed the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, she hopes to incorporate these studies into her educational writings on the subject. She currently lives in California with her husband, Michael, and rescue bichon, Murphy, and runs her own whole-food plant-based oriented blog.

Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread – Vegan Style

A couple of months into my plant-based journey, I began to miss my little Sunday ritual of making my Irish grandmother’s traditional Brown Soda Bread. It’s so simple and satisfying to make, that after trying, and spectacularly failing to find an equally delicious alternative, I decided to come up with my own vegan version of it. And although it’s taken a good few weeks of fine-tuning, I think I’ve finally cracked it. Not wanting to stray from the original recipe too much, I substituted only what was absolutely necessary in order to keep the taste as authentic as possible. I’m super happy, and proud, of the outcome, as I know my grandmother would not only give me her seal of approval but also join me in having a nice oven-warm slice together with a delightfully strong cup of black tea! It’s a truly wonderful bread, that can be enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings, or even just plain, being perfect to dip in any kind of vegetable soup or stew.