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Giulia Sgro-Ralph ‘TakeOneHolistic' is a plant-based nutritionist from Melbourne with a desire and passion to promote whole food, plant-based eating to an audience near and far. She aims to provide individuals with valuable information and resources that they can implement into their unique lifestyle, helping them to feel empowered with their own health and wellbeing and ultimately, allowing them to take control and navigate through the often-overwhelming field of nutrition. Giulia focuses on long term, sustainable changes rather than just short-term quick fixes. TakeOneHolistic actively raises awareness surrounding specific foods & food choices that individuals can make to lessen the environmental burden that food production creates.

Dairy Free Nutella Thick Shake
Dairy Free Nutella Thick Shake

This nutritious and delicious shake will power your morning (or your late afternoon), and I swear it tastes just like one of my old favorite spreads: Nutella. Of course, this “Nutella” is dairy free!

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