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Rachel discovered whole foods years ago when she was battling bad allergies as a teenager. She realized that allergies directly corresponded to diet. It opened the gateway to a whole new way of eating and a whole new way of life. She was healed from allergies, and years later started eating a predominantly plant-based diet. She was healed of life-long digestive issues and other health problems. Now her mission is to encourage others through making delicious recipes with whole food, plant-based ingredients. On her YouTube channel she posts food demos and recipes to inspire and help others. Follow Rachel on social media: Instagram @kitchendiaries29 and YouTube.

Chickpea Tenders With Flaxseeds
Chickpea Tenders With Flaxseeds

These Chickpea Tenders are a whole food, plant-based alternative to chicken nuggets, one of the most popular convenience foods in America. A favorite with kids and adults, this recipe is so simple to make–especially if you mix the spices ahead of time. Good for a snack, a party appetizer, or even a sandwich stuffer!

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