The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies is actively engaged in efforts to shift the current health paradigm to a more expansive and wholistic view of health. The functional or whole body effects of environmental influences, personal behavioral choices, whole plant-based foods, and medical practices, as well as an understanding of the benefits of preventing or avoiding health problems, are the main tenets of this comprehensive view of health.

We have compiled the very best in health and nutrition resources including articles from renowned researchers and physicians, plant-based nutrition books, cookbooks and videos. We are proud to highlight students who have completed our certificate in plant-based nutrition in our Grad Community Page and we encourage you to sign up for our information-packed, life changing newsletter.

When we look closely at the prison of the reductionist paradigm, we notice that there’s no lock on the cell door. We’re free to stroll out of our mental prison and into a wholistic worldview any time we want. T. Colin Campbell