Jackfruit Krabby Patty

Krabby jackfruit wonderfulness without the crab. Kelp granules add a nice, fresh ocean flavor.



  1. Water sauté the celery, daikon and red pepper until tender. Transfer to a bowl.
  2. Combine the ground chia with the aquafaba and set aside.
  3. Drain and rinse the jackfruit. Squeeze as much water from it as you can and shred it between your fingers, or use a fork. Slice the thicker core.
  4. Add the jackfruit and the remaining ingredients (except aquafaba/chia mixture) to a bowl and mix well to combine.
  5. Lastly, add the aquafaba mixture and stir well to combine.
  6. Form into patties and cook on the stovetop in a non-stick pan. Cook about 10 minutes on each side until golden. Be careful when flipping.
  7. They are very fragile when hot but firm up a bit as they cool off.
  8. Serve on buns with your favorite condiments or as is with a salad.


  • This recipes makes 4 cakes but you can probably double it if you make them smaller.
  • Serve with vegan mayo mixed with horseradish.
  • For those of you who haven’t heard of aquafaba, it’s simply the water that chickpeas have cooked in (aqua=water/faba=bean).
  • These cakes are still a little sloppy (what great crab cake isn’t?) but mostly they hold together well, certainly well enough to pick one up in a sandwich and devour it.

Always fascinated by the subject of nutrition, Helyn first strayed from eating animal-based products in 2012. She immediately saw so many health benefits from eating only plants that she decided to share some fun recipes she was creating in her kitchen by starting a blog. Before long, her following exploded and she now has a loyal readership, a published smoothie book, and over 600 recipes on helyn's plant-based kitchen! She is a graduate of Dr. T. Colin Campbell's Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through eCornell and plans to continue her education in order to help others realize a healthier lifestyle, a greener planet, and a more compassionate world.
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