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Advocating for Plant-Based Nutrition Education in the Health Care System

Food as medicine has a stellar track record, so why is this concept not at the heart of modern medicine? Learn the answer to this question, and so much more, from those who are providing health care professionals with the information and tools they need to integrate plant-based nutrition into their practices and the community.


Upcoming event 09/07/2022

No Action is Too Small: Plant-Based Action For Everyone

Learn how you can make a difference in your region, city, or home. Hear how a worker-owned cooperative provides marginalized individuals with meaningful work in a plant-based business, how a pastor brings people together to address the food system’s environmental impact, and how a food pantry is increasing the consumption of plant-based foods by the seniors it serves. You will be inspired by their stories and come away with numerous how-to’s.


Upcoming event 11/02/2022

Building Community Through Food

Food has the power to divide and harm our communities, but it can also do the opposite—connecting and nourishing the bonds between us. Learn how three organizations are fostering understanding, teaching skills, and empowering people through food. The lessons you learn from them can have a profound impact on your community.


Upcoming event 12/07/2022

Women’s Health and a Plant-Based Lifestyle

WFPB nutrition has an impressive track record when it comes to preventing and reversing diet-related diseases. But what about women's health specifically? Hear from two female physicians with a combined 75+ years of experience who use WFPB nutrition as the foundation of their work with women.


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