“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.”


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How to Build Healthy Habits

When someone asks me how to create healthier habits, their mentality is the first thing I have them focus on. I believe that the power of our thoughts over our lives is as critical as the air we breathe; we will never be able to create anything lasting without first adopting the correct mindset. Because … Continued


Immersion Programs Highlight the Rapid Effects of Improved Nutrition

We know from what is now an almost irrefutable body of evidence that good nutrition supports drastically improved outcomes, including improved physical and mental health, plus social and environmental well-being. The nutrition provided by consuming a diverse range of whole plant foods is not only good for our bodies—preventing and treating many of our deadliest, … Continued


Dr. Stephanie Peacock’s Top Foods for Gut Health

Every time we eat, we feed the trillions of bacteria that make up our gut microbiome. Ideally, we should have 300–400 types of these bacteria.[1] But unfortunately, due to processed foods and lack of fiber, many individuals have less than this. This loss of critical microorganisms and the lack of diversity in our microbiome can … Continued


The Power of Support Groups in Lifestyle Change

Research has shown that education, skills development, and social support are critical for long-term lifestyle changes. Community-led plant-based programs can offer much more than traditional diet programs and clinical trials because they engage participants actively to learn how to incorporate healthy habits into established routines.

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