Provocations – Controversial Dairy Protein Questions

At this point in the series, I would like to share some questions, raised from the findings that cow’s milk protein (casein) is a chemical carcinogen.

Patricia’s Plant-Based Health Story

I completed the Plant Based Nutrition Program in April 2014. I started my journey Nov. 22, 2013 after seeing Forks over Knives. I guess I got tired of being sick and tired. So, I got off the couch and started exercising. Thank you Dr. Campbell!
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How to Get Calcium Without Dairy

Because of some of the evidence suggesting milk is unhealthy, I suggest you skip the cow’s milk. However this does not mean that calcium is unimportant. Calcium is vital for bone health.

Provocations – Dairy Protein Causes Cancer

Casein is a chemical carcinogen. Some chemicals in our environment qualify as carcinogens.

Provocations – Casein is a Carcinogen. Really?

I have long been interested in the association of food with human health, ever since I entered my graduate studies program at Cornell University in August of 1956.

I Should Use Coconut Oil, Right?

A quick Internet search reveals that coconut oil must be a super healthy food. The health benefit claims include: increased endurance, reversing Alzheimer's, stress relief, weight loss, bone strength, skin care and more.
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