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The calendar below includes upcoming Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) events in addition to presentations by CNS staff as well as Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Ongoing event

CNS Kitchen: Live Cooking Classes With Chef Del

Chef Del has been offering cooking classes to the public for 20+ years. He has cooked in front of hundreds of people and for small groups in the privacy of their homes. His relaxed and friendly style makes us all think that we can do what he does.


Upcoming event 12/07/2022

Women’s Health and a Plant-Based Lifestyle

WFPB nutrition has an impressive track record when it comes to preventing and reversing diet-related diseases. But what about women's health specifically? Hear from two female physicians with a combined 75+ years of experience who use WFPB nutrition as the foundation of their work with women.


Upcoming event 12/08/2022

More Casserole Magic

Nothing says comfort food more than a piping hot casserole fresh out of the oven. Whether it’s mac and cheese or a fancy dish for the holiday meal, Chef Del’s attention turns toward casseroles at this time of year, and he is excited to share some of his favorite dishes.


Upcoming event 12/14/2022

Stir Up the Pot with PlantPure Comfort Food

With hearty red lentils; warm, rich flavors from the tomatoes and herbs; and creamy vegan tofu ricotta, this stew is a comfort food favorite. And what’s soup without bread for dipping? Join me to learn how to make easy, simple, gluten-free quinoa flatbread that’s perfect for dipping, spreading, or wrapping. Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ll make Old-Fashioned Fig Roll Cookies, a classic cookie from the past!


Upcoming event 12/21/2022

Let’s Do Brunch

Chef Del loves brunch for dinner. And why not? If it’s healthy, you can eat brunch at any time. Whether you are serving a crowd for brunch, or a simple meal for two, Chef Del has some tasty, hearty breakfast dishes that you will love, no matter the time of day.


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