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"CNS Kitchen is a wonderful community! Sharme and Chef Del are wonderful administrators who so generously share not only their expertise and resources but also their personal struggles. It’s pretty amazing how quickly a group of strangers with a similar goal of good health can become friends on the journey! I highly recommend CNS Kitchen—it has significantly improved my life!"

— Ruby Gay Barker

"Within one week of finding CNS Kitchen, I had the tips, tools, and community that I needed to apply my new lifestyle. Sharme and Chef Del are so supportive and available to answer all of my questions. This community has been instrumental to my change—I look forward to learning more and plan to join the next WFPB Wellness Challenge!"

— Nancy Condon

"Being part of the CNS Kitchen community has been so helpful on my journey to a WFPB lifestyle. Chef Del and Sharme are amazing hosts, and the community is positive and supportive to its members. The cooking classes and weekly check-ins are amazing! I am thrilled to have this tool on my journey to ultimate health and wellness!"

— Loni Crowell

"Having access to articles, recipes, and the forum is definitely a great way to supplement the information and support that I get elsewhere. The guidelines are clearly spelled out, and the community is very open, supportive, and welcoming. Each challenge gives me a chance to revisit my goals, re-educate myself, and continue to improve my health and lifestyle."

— Greg Etzel

"Even though I’ve been toying with the vegan lifestyle for a dozen years, and whole food, plant-based for two, I still feel like I’m taking baby steps in many ways. In CNS Kitchen, I get the help I need. Chef Del and Sharme have created a community of folks who are honest about their struggles and kind to each other. A group like this makes all the difference."

— Kelly Klepfer

"The CNS Kitchen Community is like The Little Engine That Could—it offers encouragement, tools, and strategies to keep one moving in the right direction. For a newcomer, it provides lots of foundational information. What I like the most about the community is the non-judgmental atmosphere Del and Sharme have established—it’s unlike any other I've seen. Its design says: "We really want you to succeed.""

— Geri Ann Laiacona

"I have been so motivated and inspired by this community. CNS Kitchen provides a common ground for listening, sharing and working through challenges. With host Sharme Ridley and renowned Chef Del Sroufe at the helm, I like to think of CNS Kitchen as a fully-loaded kitchen where family and friends meet up in various groups—an awesome community!"

— Sandi Quash

"After years of having zero support, joining CNS Kitchen was like finding the family I had been missing! Not only have I felt supported, I have also learned so much and made new friendships. I continue to learn and be uplifted every time I sign in to CNS Kitchen. It has been life changing!"

— Beverly Valley

Air fryers have become all the rage in whole food, plant-based kitchens, and for good reason. They are easy to use and quite versatile too! In this class, you’ll learn how to use these nifty machines to make a wide range of recipes. Join Chef Del as he shares a few of his new favorite dishes and tips for cooking in the air fryer.

Wednesday August 10th, 2022

Live Cooking Class: Back-to-School Lunch Box

It's that time of year when we all head back to school or work, and the big question is, “what will we put in the lunch box that everyone will eat and enjoy?” Chef Del has a few ideas for making lunch tasty, healthy, and fun.

Thursday August 18th, 2022

Live Cooking Class: On the Road Again

Chef Del is planning a big road trip in a few months, and he has been researching good food for the road that is healthy, delicious, and adaptable to life in the cooler. Join him as he shares his favorite road food recipes, and tips for keeping everything fresh.

Wednesday August 24th, 2022

Live Cooking Class: Apples Best Recipes

It’s that season again—time to figure out what to do with all of the apples you bought at the farmers’ market, or picked off of the tree. No one likes a good apple more than Chef Del, and no one has more great apple recipe ideas than he does. Join him for this festive ode to the apple. In this class, we’ll be working with delicious apple recipes, both sweet and savory.
Young woman making a smoothie from fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Poor or inadequate nutrition is currently a gateway to disease. By improving nutrition, we could turn that into a gateway for health and longevity.”


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