“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Vegetables and spices displayed on a slate table

LeAnne Campbell, PhD

Chief Advisor for Strategic Development and Oversight

Maximillian Cannon

Senior Web Developer

Evelisse Capó, PharmD, DipACLM

Executive Director of Spanish Programs & Culinary Content

Steven Disla

Regenerative Food Systems Education Coordinator

Tess Fraser

Development Director

Shayla Hernandez

Spanish PBNC Instructor and Enrollment Assistant

Ali Huber-Disla

Online Course Instructor

Nelson Huber-Disla

Managing Editor

Natasha Lantz

Executive Director

Cara Liberatore

Online Course Instructor

Sylvia Lillquist-Rodriguez

Online Course Instructor

Jackie Lutze

Director of Marketing

Vanessa Marquez

Spanish Outreach & Culinary Content Coordinator

Meg Myers

Office & Student Support Coordinator

Elizabeth Patton


Sharme Ridley, MEd, EdS

CNS Kitchen Coordinator

Renée Sawka, PA-C, DipACLM

Online Course Instructor

Del Sroufe

Culinary Specialist

Nelson Torres

Online Course Instructor

T. Colin Campbell, PhD - Chair Emeritus

Ana M. Negrón, MD

Gayle Goldsmith, JD

Michael C. Hollie, MD

LeAnne Campbell, PhD