“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.”


Vegetables spread across a wooden cutting board

Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Opioid Epidemic: When Standard Therapies Become Dangerous

What is a standard therapy and why do we care?[1] Used interchangeably with phrases like best practice, standard medical care, standard therapy, and standard of care, this term refers to “the degree of care a prudent and reasonable person would exercise under the circumstances.”[2] In medicine, it is what medical experts and healthcare professionals generally … Continued

Nutrition Science

Three Often Overlooked Hazards of Animal Agriculture

Many people know that animal agriculture is far less environmentally sustainable and that diets containing excessive amounts of animal-based foods compromise our health in numerous ways. Most of our resources at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) relate to these concerns (you can learn more about Food and Sustainability or Plant-Based Nutrition … Continued

Food Sustainability

Is a Healthy Diet More Expensive?

Perceived expensiveness is the most common deterrent to healthier eating in the US, according to a recent Cleveland Clinic survey, with forty-six percent of people believing eating healthier costs more.[1] But does this perception match reality? The answer depends, in part, on how we define a healthy diet. Although there are a few evidence-based goals … Continued

Social Issues

Doctors for Nutrition (DFN) Launches Online Plant-Based Nutrition Course for Healthcare Professionals

Doctors For Nutrition (DFN) is an Australasian-based independent charity. Through evidence-based education and outreach, we aim to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients, increase career satisfaction for practitioners, and reduce unsustainable healthcare costs. Evidence shows that a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) eating pattern can prevent, reverse, or significantly reduce the disability caused by the current chronic … Continued

Social Issues

WFPB Nutrition Fuels Faster and Stronger Half-Marathon

Meet Dr. Laurie. I started working with her around six months ago. She was 53 years young and had already adopted a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle, but she was struggling to shift her body composition. Her goal was to lose body fat while building quality lean muscle. Being a doctor, she understood the importance … Continued

Success Stories

How to Build Healthy Habits

When someone asks me how to create healthier habits, their mentality is the first thing I have them focus on. I believe that the power of our thoughts over our lives is as critical as the air we breathe; we will never be able to create anything lasting without first adopting the correct mindset. Because … Continued


Toxic Superfoods is Toxic Misinformation

When I see a patient with a kidney stone, I typically ask for their dietary history. Sometimes the patient only offers a non-committal response that they eat a balanced diet. But we have a saying in nephrology: “The urine does not lie.” A particularly memorable urine sample from a petite teenage boy with a painful … Continued

Nutrition Science

Immersion Programs Highlight the Rapid Effects of Improved Nutrition

We know from what is now an almost irrefutable body of evidence that good nutrition supports drastically improved outcomes, including improved physical and mental health, plus social and environmental well-being. The nutrition provided by consuming a diverse range of whole plant foods is not only good for our bodies—preventing and treating many of our deadliest, … Continued


SUNY Downstate Pilots Food As Medicine Initiative For Medical & Public Health Students

New Forward-Thinking Courses for Healthcare Workers at University Hospital of Brooklyn Focus on Plant-Based Nutrition and Medicine.

The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies’ Community Grant Program Pushes Plants Forward

The Center for Nutrition Studies awards Community Grants to support a diverse range of plant-based projects and nonprofit missions around the world.

The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Appoints LeAnne Campbell, PhD as President

Center to Expand with New Service Division – Focused on Personal, Communal, and Ecological Health

Another Way to Flatten the Curve – Our Food Choices

Nonprofit group releases an urgent commentary from T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Food For Health Foundation Provides Funding for Whole Food, Plant-Based Education Scholarships

Friends of the Earth and the Food for Health Foundation announced a new partnership aimed at bringing plant-based nutrition education to food service professionals and teachers.

ACLM to Honor T. Colin Campbell, PhD, During Lifestyle Medicine 2018 Conference

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine will showcase its 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, at its annual awards banquet Oct. 23 during Lifestyle Medicine 2018 in Indianapolis.

New Nutrition Website to Help You Achieve Better Health

Center for Nutrition Studies has a new look and even more resources

Nobel Prize Nomination Petition Created For Nutrition Pioneer Dr. T. Colin Campbell

The pioneer who inspired physicians to understand how diet plays a role in chronic disease and healing, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, is being championed by another medical innovator, renowned otolaryngologist Dr. Jamie Koufman.

The War on Cancer Has Failed

Cornell Scientist Shows the Link Between Diet and Disease Has Been Ignored

Cornell Nutrition Scientist Responds to BBC’s “Clean Eating” Documentary

Dr. T. Colin Campbell reacts to a recent BBC “Horizon” documentary.

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