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The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Research Collaborative supports cutting-edge research that investigates nutrition's ability to prevent and treat diseases and promote overall vitality. We are dedicated to advancing nutrition science and transforming healthcare.

A large body of evidence confirms that nutrition is critical for maintaining health and preventing disease. This includes the foundational research of T. Colin Campbell, PhD, who for decades led the largest nutrition science research laboratory at the top-ranked university.

T. Colin Campbell
  • Over 350 research publications, most of which were peer-reviewed
  • The lead scientist on the China-Cornell-Oxford Project, described as “The Grand Prix of epidemiology”
  • Author of multiple bestsellers, including The China Study

Other hugely influential researchers have discovered correlations between dietary patterns and disease rates and conducted human intervention studies on heart disease and other chronic conditions. Yet even with such groundbreaking findings, there remain many important questions:

What factors modify nutrition's effects, and is there a point at which the benefits taper off?

How does nutrition work alongside conventional treatments?

Is nutrition equally appropriate for treating all diseases; for instance, how might we apply it differently to treating breast cancer versus type 2 diabetes?

The CNS research collaborative builds on the legacy of pioneers like Dr. Campbell by pursuing the answers to crucial questions like these. By partnering with and supporting the work of the next generation of world-class researchers at the top institutions worldwide, we aim to ensure that nutrition takes its rightful place at the forefront of medical practice.

Learn more about current standards of medical practice, why nutrition is critical to the future of medicine, and the challenges we still face:

Is it Time to Quit the “War on Cancer”?

Launched in 1971, the “war on cancer” has been at the forefront of medical research efforts for decades. Still, despite many advances, there is no consensus on whether the “war” has been won. Cancer remains a leading cause of death. Is it time to move past the war metapho


A Selection From T. Colin Campbell’s Newest Book: The Future of Nutrition

This excerpt, taken from Dr. Campbell’s newest book, The Future of Nutrition, explores how a reductionist paradigm limits our medical system’s approach to disease and health.

Nutrition Science

The Ultimate Food Fight Between Science and Technology

The push for GMOs and the lack of research on a plant-based diet have something in common. And science—real science—can show what it is.

Nutrition Science

The Future of Nutrition

In The Future of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell cuts through the noise with an in-depth analysis of our historical relationship to the food we eat, the source of our present information overload, and what our current path means for the future—both for individual health and society as a whole. The Future of Nutrition offers a fascinating deep-dive behind the curtain of the field of nutrition—with implications both for our health and for the practice of science itself.

Spotlight on Health Webinar – New Research on Breast Cancer with Dr. Thomas Campbell

Join Dr. Michael C. Hollie, host of our Spotlight on Health webinar series, for a special interview with Dr. Thomas M. Campbell II, researcher and co-author of The China Study. Tom will share his research findings from his studies on women with metastatic breast cancer and provide an inside look into the group’s current study, which is investigating how nutrition may affect newer markers of blood vessel health.

6 Papers Redefining the Sciences of Nutrition, Cancer and Healthcare

Dr. Campbell announces his recently published papers on why the healthcare industry is not advancing like it should and how trillions of dollars and million of lives could be saved.

Nutrition Science

“Nutrition science has yielded to the purposes of technology. It has shed its open-minded, interrogative character in favor of analytic problem-solving [. . .] Unlike technology, research is not and should not be a product, but a work in progress. It is a process by which we negotiate a more accurate and useful view of the world: posing, reframing, and discovering new questions along the way [. . .] When it comes to nutrition and diseases that are regulated by nutrition, I believe we must be able to look beyond technology, and fund accordingly.”

The Future of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell, PhD

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