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Relaxing with the Big Picture

For the past several years, I have been giving more and more thought to the nature of nutrition information and discussion in America. When my Dad and I first proposed the idea of authoring a book to present my Dad’s scientific journey and the evidence for a plant-based diet to the public, no publisher was interested…

Thomas M. Campbell, MD
is the executive director of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

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    Get Balanced, Get Blissed: A “W”holistic Approach to Health & Healing

Get Balanced, Get Blissed: A “W”holistic Approach to Health & Healing

Lynne Goldberg is a certified Chopra meditation teacher, a Tony Robbins life coach and has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. She is passionate about helping people create healthy, blissful lives they love! You can connect with her on Facebook or on her blog at LiveBlissNow.com

8 Tips to Prepare Wholisitically for Fall

Jovanka Ciares is the author of three books and the creator of a transformational online program: The Clean Foods Diet Method. She’s been called a “miracle worker,” a “total spitfire” and “the woman to call for a wellness smack down.” Meet Jovanka + sign up for her provocative wellness newsletter, The Weekly Jolt, at JovankaCiares.com.

Spiced Carrot and White Bean Dip

Emma Roche is a graduate of the CNS/eCornell certificate Program in Plant-based Nutrition. Check out her website at www.plantplate.com.
  • PREP 10 mins
  • COOK 15 mins
  • YIELD 2 cups