Webinars » Spotlight on Health Webinar – The Heart of the Matter: Nutrition is Only One Piece of the Puzzle
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    Sometimes we hear a story so heartwarming and inspirational that we have to retell it. The remarkable resilience of both the body and the human spirit is at the heart of this month’s Spotlight on Health. We invite you to join CNS Medical Advisory Board Chair Michael C. Hollie, MD, on Tuesday, April 30, for an enlightening conversation with cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient Dawn Mussallem, DO.

    Dr. Mussallem is a board-certified lifestyle medicine breast medicine specialist. She will share about her good health habits before she experienced multiple significant health issues and how these habits helped her recover. Her story is inspiring, and so are her tireless efforts to empower others through whole food, plant-based nutrition. Come hear Dr. Mussallem’s recipe for optimal physical and emotional health.

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