Frank Sabatino, DC, PhD, is the Director of Health Education for the National Health Association and the host of the Health Science Podcast. He directs Balance for Life Health retreats focused on plant-exclusive nutrition and water-only fasting in Deerfield Beach, Florida. His landmark research on calorie restriction, stress, aging, brain chemistry, and female reproductive hormones has been published in several major scientific journals. He is a member of the prestigious Brookdale Fellowship in Gerontology and Aging and a certified International Hygienic Physician. Also, he is one of the leading experts on medically supervised water-only fasting. His current online program, “Lean for Life: The Science of Effective Weight Loss,” is the most comprehensive and practical plant-exclusive program for eliminating the pandemic of obesity.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Women
Alzheimer’s Disease and Women

Alzheimer’s Disease affects almost 6 million people, and two-thirds of people with AD are women. It begs the question, why is AD more prevalent in women?

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