Luna is a recipe creator, yoga teacher, and lawyer based in Prangins, Switzerland. Her blog Cumin and Yin features vibrant whole foods plant based recipes. She is the author of two eBooks: Plant Based Grilling and Ceremonial Cacao Recipes. Both books can be acquired for free by contacting her. Besides creating recipes, she works as a private chef for events and retreats and mentors women in their pursuit of balance. Luna is also certified as an ear acupuncturist (NADA). You can follow Luna on Instagram.

Oil-Free Baba Ganoush
Oil-Free Baba Ganoush

Who doesn’t appreciate a delightful spread? Whether it’s hummus or this Oil-Free Baba Ganoush, there’s always room for tasty spreads. They’re simple to prepare and complement a variety of dishes. Paired with vegetable sticks, they make for an effortless lunch, but you can also enjoy spreads as a versatile side dish or appetizer.

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