Rebecca Amis, MS co-founded the MUSE School with her sister, Suzy Amis Cameron. Rebecca has both education and experience in psychology, education, child development, and teaching. She serves as Secretary of the MUSE School Board and Director of Development & Marketing. Rebecca is currently working on MUSE programming and its eventual application all over the world. Learn more at

Interview with MUSE School’s Rebecca Amis
Interview with MUSE School’s Rebecca Amis

Launched by Rebecca Amis and Suzy Amis Cameron in 2006 with just 11 students, today’s MUSE School fully embodies the founding philosophy that young people should have rights, as well as a voice and a choice in their education. With caring and compassionate teachers, playful classrooms, and opportunities for exploration and reflection at every turn, MUSE has become an educational oasis for parents who recognize the enormous value in kindling each child’s own unique spark.

Program Overview

  • 23,000+ students
  • 100% online, learn at your own pace
  • No prerequisites
  • Continuing education credits