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Sara holds a Ph.D. in Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She is a long-time high school administrator in both the public and private school sectors. Her belief that all students have the right and ability to learn propels her work with marginalized communities. She has vast experience educating students who learn differently or who have to overcome barriers in order to access their education. She welcomes the challenge of working with hard-to-reach students and sharing the love and privilege of receiving an education.

Empowering Plant-Powered Girls in the Dominican Republic
Empowering Plant-Powered Girls in the Dominican Republic

Globalization and factory food production has deeply affected the health and well-being of many marginalized communities: with more foreign influence and commerce comes more processed and packaged foods. We at the Mariposa DR Foundation are committed to developing life-long healthy habits while protecting the environment and respecting the abundant natural resources the Dominican Republic has … Continued

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