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Vegan Caribbean Kickstart

Project Title: Vegan Caribbean Kickstart

Project Description: Our food system is unsustainable. It promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, exploits humans and other animals, contaminates the soil, rivers and oceans; and is destroying forests and other ecosystems. In order to make a positive difference, we have to rethink our relationship with food. When we collectively take action, we can be the catalyst to transforming our food system. Vegan Caribbean Kickstart is a helpful tool that can enable you to make better food choices and help build a movement, while celebrating our Caribbean and Caribbean-Latin American plant-based food culture. Because what we eat and who we don’t eat can help us create a better world. Vegan Caribbean Kickstart is a program by Rethink Your Food Inc, a registered charitable NGO headquartered in Florida. Rethink Your Food creates campaigns that encourage the public to become more involved, conscientious eaters.

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