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Are you passionate about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet? Do you ever wonder how best to educate others?

Are you interested in regenerative farming and ecologically balanced food systems?

What about food sovereignty? Would you like to advocate for the availability of healthy, affordable food for everyone?

Whatever your area of interest, we’ve got you covered in Whole Communities, the online community set up by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS).

How it all began

Whole Communities was organized following the Plant Forward Workshop Series that CNS delivered in 2021. The participants in those workshops had a great opportunity to get real insights into some of the amazing work being achieved by CNS’s Community Grant recipients. Many of them came away from the event feeling inspired, and they wanted to carry on the conversation and continue to connect with others. To meet that demand, Whole Communities was born!

Why people join us

Our community is made up of people who are passionate about achieving optimal health through a WFPB lifestyle, but also want to join a resilient community that builds on the principles of that lifestyle. People from around the world are joining us. They are learning about plant-based nutrition, connecting with like-minded people near and far, exploring new concepts in our free resources and monthly workshops, and supporting others in the community who are discovering more about this lifestyle.

For some people, the WFPB lifestyle is incredibly personal. We’ve heard the stories of life-changing, even life-saving, transformations that occur after going WFPB. Now, these same people are joining Whole Communities to share that passion with others, and to put it into action.

As a moderator, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with some of the 700+ members, and I continue to be inspired by their stories and work. I am so thankful to be part of such a supportive, positive community.

“This community… has my back. If I get stuck in my intention or my ‘why,’ I know there is a wonderful group of like-minded humans who will inspire me, motivate me, and encourage me. I love the amazing resources, tools, workshops, meet ups, and all the learning opportunities that are available 24/7 and free of charge. But my favorite is the ‘chat’ feature. Someone is always present to share thoughts, to answer questions, and to direct you to the right resource.

The welcoming warmth and brilliance of the leaders; the diverse, interesting and passionate members; the clear functionality of the site; and the community’s collective passion to save humans, animals and the planet sets WC apart from similar groups.” Suzanne Meinhardt, California

Be involved in our monthly workshops

Our monthly workshops aren’t just webinars that you passively listen to. You can ask the speakers questions and continue the discussion afterwards. You’re also provided with resources beforehand so you can dive deep into the subject and get as much out of the workshop as possible. And if you can’t make any of the sessions, no problem—everything is recorded.

There are lots of workshops coming up, including “Plant-Based Nutrition in Health Care,” where we’ll be learning from those who are providing health care professionals with the information and tools they need to integrate plant-based nutrition into their practices and the community.
“Plant-Based Action for Everyone” will be perfect for anyone wishing to make a difference in their community. We’ll be learning from those who are educating their communities, implementing creative projects to increase the consumption of plant-based foods, and doing impressive work to reach marginalized individuals.

In our workshop on “Building Community Through Food,” we’ll be learning about the power of food to connect people and empower them to make positive change in their communities.

“I have the community to help me grow stronger in my desire to make the world a better place, one bite at a time. Forty years ago, being vegan was a lonely journey. Now, new folks can tap into hundreds of years of lived experience at the click of a button. I have made good strong friends here, and even though I live at the bottom of the world, they are just a moment away.” Joss Northey, Tasmania

Your opportunity to share ideas and learn from others

In addition to our free workshops, our “Let’s Talk” meetings are also held every month. In these, everyone gets the chance to discuss what’s on their mind, talk about projects they might be working on, and of course, meet other community members. Or if they’d rather, they can simply listen and “be a sponge.”

There are also regular meetings in each of the special interest groups. Between these opportunities, Whole Communities members are able to create connections and build authentic relationships within a supportive and collaborative environment. Some members have even decided to meet up in person to work on projects together.

The community continues to develop organically. Members are coming up with so many ideas to enrich the experience: suggestions include a buddy system and a healthy aging group. As long as there’s enough interest and volunteers, we’ll be adding relevant resources and activities over time.

Finally, this is a great place to bring your problems or challenges. One of our members was looking for advice on getting a community garden organized in their area, where people have very little in terms of gardening equipment and the soil is poor. There was such a great response from the community—you could tell by the suggestions and advice they offered that they understood the unique issues and had personal experience overcoming similar situations.

“I love Whole Communities for the plethora of information, resources, events, and groups that bring like-minded people together. As a community, we can share what we learn to optimize the health and wellness of ourselves and the environment.” Sheila Connors-Cardinale, New York

Be inspired to take action

Whole Communities is perfectly set up to help people take action. And that inspires further action. One member saw an article in an online magazine that she didn’t agree with, and she decided to write to the editor to point out some of the nutritional myths they had included. After reading this story, another of our members was motivated to send her own letter to the editor of another magazine which featured an article containing outdated and misleading information.

Why Whole Communities is different

Other online social networks can be very frustrating. Often, very few people see and engage with your posts and comments. But Whole Communities is set up to help you increase engagement. As long as your posts meet our common sense community guidelines, there’s no risk of being blocked or silenced, and you also have full control over the notifications you receive.

You can also post, comment, access the groups you’re in and even join live workshops via mobile app. It’s super easy to connect with hundreds of members right away, including access to moderators and our host, Natasha Lantz.

So, if you’re looking for a community that will inspire you—if you want to participate in thoughtful discussions, learn from others, and help support grassroots change—look no further. To help us spread the word about the WFPB lifestyle, join us today!

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