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As the first Peruvian project funded by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS), Ruwasunchis felt honored and responsible for providing an excellent program. And that’s what we did. In our community of San Pablo Mirador, located in Manchay, on the outskirts of Lima, our plant-based program has been revolutionary. Thanks to the CNS Community Grant, we were able to educate more than 100 children and 80 parents about the benefits of plant-based nutrition. We also gave 80 families access to healthy food by providing plant-based baskets composed of plant-based products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

There are several common myths about a plant-based diet here, like the idea that plant-based diets provide insufficient protein or incomplete amino acids. There is also a need for plant-based cooking classes, But the potential benefits of programs like this are huge. Peru has many unique plant-based ingredients, and because we work in a poor community, the health impact of the plant-based diet is immediate.

We recruited a fantastic group of nutritionists and cooks to give in-person and virtual classes for our children and their parents. In those lessons, our families learned the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle and practical ways to cook tasty recipes.

On April 26th, the day of our Plant-Based Festival in San Pablo Mirador, more than 20 families presented plant-based dishes to our jury, composed of nutritionists, health coaches, and wellness specialists. It was inspiring to hear the women talk about how they made the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients. The dishes were outstanding; it was difficult to choose five winners, who were each awarded a blender. The jury finally decided, awarding the top spot to a woman named Magna, who made a baked apple filled with tarwi, an Andean legume.

All the families that participated in the project got their plant-based baskets and the correct information for nourishing their families and improving their health.

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