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Amy Lanou, PhD, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Health and Wellness at the University of North Carolina Asheville. She serves as the Senior Nutrition Scientist for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Dr. Lanou publishes regularly on the relationship between vegetarian diets and dairy products and health, and is the author of Building Bone Vitality and Healthy Eating for Life for Children.

The 4 Keys to Strong Bones (Interview)
The 4 Keys to Strong Bones (Interview)

Why did you write a book on bone health?
Osteoporosis is a serious problem. One woman in six will fracture a hip during her lifetime, that’s a really high risk. A fairly large number of men will also suffer a hip fracture and once someone does, it’s very common that their overall quality of life will decline. Sometimes it puts them on a much faster path to their eventual demise.

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