Beverly Valley has been a vegetarian most of her life but only recently embraced WFPB during the 20 Day Challenge. Compassion for animals started her journey, but improving her health has helped further herthe commitment. Bev spent time working in the medical field and always felt that many health issues could be improved with a WFPB diet. Presently, she is her mother’s caregiver and enjoys hanging out with her grandogs, her recent feral kitty rescue, and hiking the parks whenever possible.

WFPB Success: Changing My Life in 20 Days
WFPB Success: Changing My Life in 20 Days

Many people rationalize not switching to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, even if their heart and their gut tells them to. Beverly, a winner of Chef Del’s Diet Daze 20-Day Challenge, tells us what finally made her prioritize the switch to a healthier way of life.

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