Francisco Varatojo was the Director of the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. Francisco began studying Macrobiotics in 1977 and together with his wife Eugenia founded the Kushi Institute of Portugal, after having studied at the Kushi Institute in Boston. He was a professor at the Nursing School Calouste Gulbenkian. In 2010 he was awarded the Aveline Kushi Award for his work in the development of macrobiotics and establishment of health and peace.

Surgeon General Endorses Plant-Based Diet
Surgeon General Endorses Plant-Based Diet

Portugal is a relatively small country; the most western of Europe. It is best known for its hospitable people, sunshine, beautiful beaches and soccer players. Unknown to most people is the fact that in this beautiful country, there is a thriving community of people interested in a plant-based diet, macrobiotics and natural health. In particular, … Continued

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