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Heather McClees is a nutritionist and professional writer. She has a BS in Nutrition Science and Dietetics. She has written for multiple online outlets to spread the message of health and plant-based nutrition. Connect with Heather through her website The Soulful Spoon, or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

Mocha Mint Vegan Shamrock Shake

Mocha Mint Vegan Shamrock Shake

Why have a regular Shamrock Shake when you can have a coffee and chocolate-infused Mocha Mint Shamrock Shake? This simple recipe is packed with nutrients and made with delicious, plant-based ingredients. It makes a great St. Patrick’s Day treat!
*This recipe is adapted from Heather’s “Mocha Mint Superfood Shamrock Shake” recipe on her blog The Soulful Spoon.

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