Heather McClees

Heather McClees is a nutritionist and professional writer from South Carolina, and the creator and author of her blog The Soulful Spoon where she shares plant-based recipes as well as wellness and nutrition tips each week. Heather has a B.S. Degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics, a minor in journalism, and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to receive training in holistic health and wellness. She has written for multiple online outlets to spread the message of health and plant-based nutrition to others due to the way it has changed her life and the lives of people she has worked with, including her personal nutrition clients. Connect with Heather through her blog or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

Mocha Mint Vegan Shamrock Shake

Why have a regular Shamrock Shake when you can have a coffee and chocolate-infused Mocha Mint Shamrock Shake? This simple recipe is packed with nutrients and made with delicious, plant-based ingredients. It also makes a great St. Patrick’s Day treat!

*This recipe is adapted from Heather’s “Mocha Mint Superfood Shamrock Shake” recipe that is featured on her blog The Soulful Spoon.