Melanie Cano Fernández is a physician, born and raised in Panama, who is passionate about helping patients and others in the community improve their lifestyle and overall health. After graduating from medical school, she started working in public hospitals and came to the understanding that medicine should go much further than just treating the complications of chronic diseases. She realized that the most powerful tool that could be given to a person was not medicine, but education. She is a graduate of the CNS and Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program as well as Certified in Lifestyle Medicine. She spreads the message through conferences, social networks, and her own online program, where she promotes health with her Conscious Eating Methodology: The Whole Protocol. She teaches people to transition toward a diet rich in plant-based foods in a progressive and intentional way, starting with their state of mind, based on scientific evidence and supported with cooking workshops. With this program, she has managed to transform the lives of Spanish-speaking people of all ages around the world. Check out her plant-based cookbook. Follow her on Instagram.

How to Build Healthy Habits
How to Build Healthy Habits

When someone asks me how to create healthier habits, their mentality is the first thing I have them focus on. I believe that the power of our thoughts over our lives is as critical as the air we breathe; we will never be able to create anything lasting without first adopting the correct mindset. Because … Continued

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