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Setareh Khatibi developed a love of nutrition after reversing many health problems following a whole food plant-based lifestyle. In addition to being a food coach with studies in the Dr. Mcdougall program, she is the author of the recipe book "Papas, Mexican style". Setareh is a comedian, actress, singer and entertainer. Setareh's energy and passion have helped her generate an audience of nearly half a million followers on social media, many of whom rely on her advice on healthy eating and her guidance on sustainable beauty products. Inspired by her fans, Setareh founded “Come Mas Pesa Menos,” the first online plant-based nutrition group training program to serve the Hispanic community. Through this program, participants learn techniques to lose and maintain a healthy weight, and how to achieve optimal health by preventing and reversing chronic diseases. Follow Setareh on his social media @ setareh.khatibi or his website setarehkhatibi.com/es

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