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Show the world that you hold a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. Post your badge on your website or add to your printed materials.

1. Add to Your Printed Materials

Download a high-resolution copy of your badge to include in printed materials such as your business card. Download here.

2. Add to Your Website

Option 1 - Download using computer

  1. Right-click the badge image below
  2. Click Save Image As
  3. Use the Save Image dialog box to find a location to save the images
  4. Click the Save button

Option 2 - Download using a phone or tablet

  1. Press and hold down on the badge image below until you see a menu
  2. Choose Save Image

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate student badge

Option 3 - Embed badge image directly to your website with the following code:

<a href="" title="Plant-based Nutrition Certificate Badge"><img src="" width="250"/></a>

As a participant in T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) courses, students are provided PDFs of course content. CNS provides these for the convenience of the students and to enhance the learning experience. Our course materials are the intellectual property of CNS and are copyrighted. As with any copyrighted materials, CNS course handouts should not be reproduced or used in any way outside of accepted citation standards for scholarly work.

If you have any questions contact

Your certificate denotes your successful completion of a study program in plant-based nutrition. It does not certify you in a certain field of practice. It does not grant you any title, such as "nutritionist," which may be subject to state regulations. It does reflect your rigorous study of the evidence emphasizing the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

The proper way to add your new credential to your resume is:
Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, Completed (Month, Year), T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell
  • Information on how to print your certificate can be found on the eCornell website here.
  • Information on how to order a copy of your certificate can be found on the eCornell website here.

Join other Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate students online in our exclusive group within Whole Communities. Whole Communities is a free lively community of changemakers working to impact our personal, communal, and ecological health.

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We love when our past students write for us! If you’d like to be one of our website contributors, checkout our submission guidelines. We welcome content on the following topics:

  • Diseases
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Has the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate had an impact on you? Recording a video testimonial is a fantastic way to inspire others. We’re especially interested in hearing what you thought of the certificate program, and how plant-based eating has changed your life. Tell us more at!

Download our slide presentation created for students of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate to share life-changing nutrition information. This presentation is copyrighted by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is not intended for commercial use.

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