Topics » Psychology & Social Issues » Something to Chew On: Is it Better to Increase Your Willpower . . . Or Use It Less? (Video)
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What is willpower, how does it work, and what role does it play in achieving our goals?

In the following video, Thomas M. Campbell II, MD, discusses two intriguing studies on willpower, one which involves humans and one which involves dogs.

These studies illustrate the idea of a common willpower reserve. Let us know in the comments how you might apply this concept when pursuing your own goals!

  • For dietary lifestyle change, which behaviors might you recommend a person avoid to not deplete their willpower reserves?
  • How might you reassess or reorganize your home environment in light of the willpower research? What about your social environment?
  • How does the idea of a common willpower reserve figure specifically into long-term health and wellness goals? Is this different from short-term goals?
  • Can you think of any strategies that might help you reduce the need for willpower?

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