Webinars » Spotlight on Health Webinar – The Power of Medically Supervised Fasting
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    Although fasting has been used for thousands of years for various reasons, it has recently become a hot topic in medicine. Recent research has shown that medically supervised water-only fasting can be an effective, evidence-based tool to help treat and reverse lifestyle-related conditions. But is it safe?

    Join Dr. Alan Goldhamer (founder of TrueNorth Health Center, co-author of The Pleasure Trap, and featured expert in the documentary What the Health) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 @ 7 pm ET as we explore how medically supervised water-only fasting, with a transition to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, can be a safe option to help break food addiction, jumpstart the immune system, and treat and reverse many chronic diseases.

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