Nutrition for a Healthy Heart Course

The Nutrition for a Healthy Heart Course is essential for anyone who wants to strengthen and improve their heart health, learn about the positive impact optimal nutrition can have on quality of life and how diet is the leading cause of heart disease.

  • Practical information on how to shop, stock your kitchen and identify heart healthy foods
  • Lessons in: nutrition, clinical care, psychology, and epidemiology
  • Historical and contemporary research with citations

Course Overview

This two-week course contains six information packed lectures. Students can expect to spend about 3-4 hours per week completing the learning activities, participating in online discussions, and working on course projects. It includes:

  • Taught by world-renowned faculty
  • Readily available live, expert instructor team
  • Network with students from around the world
  • No pre-requisites
  • Continuing education credits

Our courses are offered through eCornell, a subsidiary of Cornell University. eCornell is an online learning company with an innovative approach to delivering Cornell University course content in an online socially-networked environment and is used by several of the world?s largest corporations and not-for-profits. Through eCornell, CNS builds an active online community, enabling dynamic course content, and streamlining course creation by faculty authors.

World-renowned faculty, theoretical and practical, multidisciplinary; this course engages the student in active learning, collaboration with other students, and lectures to yield an unparalleled overview of nutrition and heart disease that will save lives.

Thomas M. Campbell, MD
Executive Director
Center for Nutrition Studies