Caroline Ginolfi is a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist and Health Coach with a passion for alternative healing, sustainability, and all things cruelty-free. She’s had the privilege of working with diverse populations in corporate settings, primary care practices, and with private clients — setting health goals and assisting in behavior change to create lifelong healthy habits. Caroline created Plant Based Blonde with the intention of sharing how simple, nourishing, and delicious plant-based eating is. She believes that food is powerful medicine to prevent, treat, and cure illness within our own bodies while simultaneously alleviating others from suffering. Through intuitive eating, conscious consumption, and mindfulness, she is confident that we can create health, harmony, and balance within ourselves and the world around us.

Quick Pickles
Quick Pickles

This quick and easy recipe for homemade pickled cucumbers can be adapted to pickle all sorts of fresh vegetables. Try a variety of vinegars and spices for a truly custom pickle delight. Pickling is also a brilliant solution to preserve an overabundance of vegetables from your garden or farmers’ market.

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