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Paul Chatlin: When Paul Chatlin, founder of PBNSG, was diagnosed with heart disease in his mid-50s, he promised that if he could avoid triple bypass surgery, then he would give back to others. He called this his “gurney promise,” and it’s exactly what he ended up doing. His oil-free plant-based diet saved his life, and now PBNSG is helping others do the same. The community has expanded from 123 to over 9,200, and it is continuing to grow!

Marion Treece: Marion Treece is the administrative director for PBNSG. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and she enjoys lifelong learning, cooking, and advocating for plant-based nutrition. She has been a volunteer and board member of nonprofit groups for many years, and it was as a volunteer that she first became involved with PBNSG. She began following a mostly vegetarian diet about ten years ago, before switching to a vegan diet and, finally, to a WFPB lifestyle. She loves being involved with a passionate group that is so dedicated to the mission of helping others achieve optimal health.

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