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Do I really have to give up ice cream?

Do I really have to give up ice cream?

Question: I’m trying to cut down dairy, but do I really have to give up ice cream?

Answer: In just one cup of vanilla ice cream, per the USDA nutrient database, there are 273 calories, and almost 50% of them come from fat (14.5g), most of which is saturated (9g). The rest of the calories are mostly sugar and about 7% of calories are coming from protein. Casein, or the main dairy protein, has been shown to dramatically affect cancer promotion in experimental models and be significantly worse than plant proteins at raising cholesterol levels.

You have to decide for yourself what risks you want to take. Would you be happy with the risk associated with 3 cigarettes a day? A cup of ice cream a day? Would you be happy with not breathing as well or chronic sinus problems (if you smoked), or struggling with weight and other health problems (daily ice cream)?

As Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has said, the most dangerous phrase we have is “This little bit won’t hurt”. In reality that little bit might hurt quite a lot…

As an alternative, consider banana frozen dessert. This is a nice machine that makes banana frozen dessert easy. (Discuss with your doctor if you have health problems) More info:  www.yonanas.com

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