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How Common is Protein Deficiency?

We are a people preoccupied with protein. We have been ever since we discovered the nutrient in the mid-19th century. You might have heard that protein comes from the Greek proteios, meaning “of prime importance.”[1] And it is important—we cannot live without it. But judging by the level of attention granted to protein—in the mind … Continued

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Something to Chew On: How Does Animal Protein Affect Aging? (Video)

What does the science of longevity suggest about our food choices? In the following short video, Michael Hollie, MD, discusses the effect of calorie restriction— specifically restricting calories from animal protein—on the mechanisms of aging. (To learn more about longevity, read Dr. Hollie’s article from 2022.) This evidence raises many questions about the standard American, … Continued

Nutrition Science

The Blood Type Diet: Science or Fiction?

If you have been interested in nutrition for some time, you will likely have come across the blood type diet. The idea behind it is that those with certain blood types gain better health outcomes on specific diets; it was popularized in 1996 by Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s bestselling book, Eat Right 4 Your Type. While … Continued

Nutrition Science

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