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A Lean Muscular Body: A Mere By-Product

Those who limit healthy carbohydrates for a prolonged period have been shown to demonstrate mental lethargy and increased general fatigue as the first symptoms. If a carbohydrate restrictive diet is continued it can actually lead to internal organ damage and to the amazement of some, a reduction in lean muscle and excess body fat accumulation. If the body’s first choice for fuel (carbohydrate) is restricted it must then make another selection. If protein is all that’s available, then the body has no choice but to either stop its activity or burn protein. As mentioned earlier, protein creates toxins when burned for fuel. The production and elimination of toxins is of course a stress to the body and as such causes a stress response. As with all forms of stress cortisol, also known as the death hormone, will rise causing lean muscle to be catobolized and [...]

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    The Alkaline Advantage: How ph Promotes Optimal Health and Performance

The Alkaline Advantage: How ph Promotes Optimal Health and Performance

It amazes me how little attention the value of balanced pH has garnered from the mainstream medical world.

Positive acid/alkaline balance is one of the most important factors in athletic performance. In my opinion, by disregarding this fact, sport supplement manufacturers have significantly reduced the effectiveness of their products. In fact some of the energy bars currently on the market are the worst offenders. Processed for the sake of shelf life and convenience, and consequently denatured and acid forming, many energy bars are not much more than disguised junk food.

When acidic forming food is consumed, starting with digestion and continuing until elimination, it produces toxins that the body must deal with. Denatured foods are toxin producers and as a result have the greatest negative impact on pH balance within the body. Highly refined and processed, denatured foods are void of any usable nutrients, yet retain their caloric value – [...]

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Whole Foods for Optimum Health

As a professional endurance athlete I have had to learn to deal with high levels of stress.

Not just mental stress from competition, but also extreme physical stress from training over 30 hours a week. If I am not able to recover from a workout quickly, my training sessions will have to be spaced further apart and the rate at which I improve will diminish.

An important fact to be aware of is this: The body’s response to stress is the same, whether it be the physical demands of sport, the environmental strains of breathing polluted air, a poor diet or the hectic pace at which most of us now live. A full, productive life will undoubtedly be a catalyst for an elevated stress level. Stress slows progress and therefore it must be minimized for us to reach our full potential. Success at anything starts with the ability to effectively [...]

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Strength = Endurance

Building strength to improve running efficiency

A few decades ago endurance athletes where encouraged to avoid gym training¬Ě for fear that they would develop heavy, bulky muscles. The reasoning was: extra mass without function will inhibit endurance performance. This makes sense. However, the reason gym training¬Ě was adamantly shunned by the endurance culture was primarily due to it being lumped together with the body building culture. Of course the main reason bodybuilders lift weights is to build bulk. They also weight train for symmetry and definition, but the vast majority of their time spent training is to get bigger.

In the early eighties some endurance athletes began supplementing their regular endurance training with weight training in hopes of improved endurance. The results where mixed. While the athletes generally gained some strength, they also gained weight. Therefore their strength-to-weight-ratio showed only very modest improvements, and not enough to justify the [...]

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Continual Cleansing for Optimal Health and Vitality

Do you have difficulty waking up in the morning and find that you have low energy all day long? Are you unable to concentrate at work, feel sluggish and depressed? Do you suffer from poor digestion, bloating or constipation? If so, you could be a good candidate for a cleanse. Cleansing your body of accumulated toxins may help you gain energy and improve overall health. Many people report more clarity, greater alertness, over-whelming joy, and incredible insight after a cleanse.

A simple test you can do to determine whether you would benefit from a cleanse is to eat a few leaves of a dark leafy green vegetable such as kale or down a couple of shots of fresh wheat grass juice. If you can get it down without cringing, then chances are your system is already alkaline. If however, these foods taste horribly bitter and nearly cause a gag reflex, [...]