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Matthew Nagra is a Naturopathic Doctor and is a passionate advocate for evidence-based nutrition as medicine. After struggling with various health issues throughout his childhood he turned to a plant-based diet, which improved nearly every health concern he had. Now through social media, public speaking, and eventually in his practice, his goal is to help others do the same. Matthew also volunteers for nutritionfacts.org and spends his weekends volunteering at a farm sanctuary. When he's not so busy he enjoys playing sports, particularly soccer, and is always representing the plant-based lifestyle. Dr. Nagra is a graduate of the CNS and eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate. Follow him on Instagram @dr.matthewnagra.

The Blood Type Diet: Science or Fiction?

The Blood Type Diet: Science or Fiction?

If you have been interested in the field of nutrition for any amount of time, you will likely have come across the idea of a blood type diet. The philosophy behind it is that those with certain blood types gain better health outcomes on specific diets, and this idea was popularized in 1996 by Dr. … Continued

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