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Recipes » Salads » Bright Beet Salad
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Bright Beet Salad

4 beets, peeled and cubed

1 pear, cubed

1 yellow onion, chopped

1 lemon, juiced

½ bunch watercress, roughly chopped

1 Place the chopped yellow onions into a pot.

2 Layer the beets and pears on top.

3 Cook on low heat for 45 minutes. There is no need for stirring.

4 When the beets are soft, strain out the liquid.

5 Allow to cool.

6 In a large salad bowl, toss in the beets, pears, and onions with the washed watercress.

7 Add lemon juice and serve.

Serve with leafy greens of choice.

Bright Beet Salad

Bright Beet Salad

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