T. Colin Campbell, PhD

China Project Ignored and Cancer Rates Soared

Yes, this is sad. Science is a fleeting thing and very few people who worship the contemporary system, want to hear the message that we are promoting.
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    The China Study and Breast Cancer, Campbell’s Office Hours Webinar

The China Study and Breast Cancer, Campbell’s Office Hours Webinar

The following video is a highlight from our October 2014 Campbell’s Office Hours Webinar provided for current and past students.

Low Carb Hot Air—Again, again and again!

Quite a few people have asked for my comments on the Bazzano study Effects of low- carbohydrate and low-fat diets recently reported in the NY Times.

Musings About Science

Science, according to an abbreviated definition of the Oxford dictionary, is the activity of observing the natural world, through systematic study and experimentation.

‘Science’ Is Up For Grabs

What does it mean to have scientific evidence on our side? It means having added value and, very likely, money in the bank, pure and simple. So, what’s wrong with that? Nothing—if we really understand what ‘science’ means and if we use it properly and wisely.

“Fed Up”. Part Two.

I read with interest the comments on my essay, Fed Up With Fed Up. I particularly welcome the challenges, especially those who thought that I understated the case against sugar. (I probably should add this commentary to that discussion but it may get lost so I am highlighting it here for more emphasis.)