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Recipes » Breakfast » Breakfast Panini With Potatoes and Greens
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Breakfast Panini with Potatoes and Greens

2 slices whole grain bread

Leftover mashed potatoes

Leftover steamed greens

Condiments of choice

1 Heat either a panini press or a dry frying pan/grill over medium heat.

2 Assemble the sandwich. First, spread condiments on each slice of bread (such as mustard, hot sauce, or hummus). Then, pile on mashed potatoes and steamed greens.

3 Sandwich together the two halves, and carefully place onto the surface of the hot panini press or in a hot frying pan.

4 If using a panini press, close the lid and allow to grill for 5 or 6 minutes. If using a frying pan, press down on the top of the sandwich with a large spatula or heavy pan for 2 to 3 minutes per side.

5 Once the sandwich is grilled, remove from heat. Slice panini in half and enjoy!

Instead of mashed potatoes, feel free to substitute any other leftovers you wish!

For whole grain bread you could try Ezekiel bread.

Suggested condiments: spicy mustard, oil-free hummus, or hot sauce.

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