Hollie Kempton

Hollie Kempton is a health and nutrition coach, fitness instructor and self taught cook. I have taken many plant based cooking classes both at home in Australia and overseas. I absolutely love working with people to educate them on achieving their best health. Read more at poweredbyvegies.com.au

Eggplant Rotolo

Try this fun and creative way of including more eggplant in your whole foods, plant-based diet.

Hearty Vegan Lasagna

This vegan lasagna is a family recipe that is full of fresh vegetables and is simple to make. I use whole wheat pasta sheets which are easy to find in most supermarkets but can be substituted for gluten-free options.

Cacao & Banana Wholemeal Spelt Muffins

These muffins are made with wholemeal spelt flour. Spelt is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential organic compounds that other cereals and forms of wheat don’t contain, which might explain the renewed interest in spelt.