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Yummy Mini Watermelons Recipe

What You'll Need

2 baby cucumbers

Chunk of watermelon heart- preferably dense and bright with minimal seed-pittingr

Pinch of black (toasted) sesame seeds)

How to Make It

1 Begin by trimming the ends of the cucumbers, then cut a 2″ piece off each end.

2 Set the middle section aside for other use (salads, etc).

3 Stand each half-round piece on its end and use the small end of a melon baller to scoop a half-sphere out of each.

4 Use the same technique to carve identical pieces out of the watermelon heart, and fit them into the cucumber, flat side up.

5 If it doesn’t sit flush, you can carefully trim the excess with a paring knife.

6 Finish by pressing a moist finger to the black sesame seeds and using it to scatter them on the surface of the melon.

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