“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.”


Vegetables spread across a wooden cutting board

Can Agriculture Prevent Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction?

The effort to combat the ongoing biodiversity crisis, which has led many to conclude we are currently entering and experiencing Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Unlike the previous five extinction events, the current one is caused by the activity of a single species—humans.

The Environmental Case For Free-Range Livestock?

The agricultural system is designed to provide for diets high in animal products. Nine in ten Americans consume meat regularly, and three in five agree that eating red meat is part of the American way of life. This attitude and practice run contrary to the science of nutrition.

Asking the Right Questions About GMOs: Are GMOs Safe?

Are GMOs Safe? Asking the Right Questions About GMOs

Asking the Right Questions About GMOs is an article series that exists to address popular myths and misconceptions about GMOs. For this installment, I interviewed expert Jonathan Latham, PhD, to uncover the truth behind the claim that GMOs are safe and well-regulated.

Feeding Our Food: Agriculture and Deforestation

Climate change is an existential crisis driven substantially by deforestation, which is driven in turn by food production. Along the way, the forces driving climate change also exploit people, degrade communities, and destroy biodiversity. A more sustainable and socially just future is possible. Learn how you can be a part of the solution.

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